The FashionTool online

An affordable cloud based solution to connect and integrate fashion applications.

Cloud4Fashion is more user-friendly than ERP systems, web-based and easy to integrate with other (cloud) software which makes it possible to create your own ‘best of breed’ application landscape. The advantage of such a landscape is that you work with systems that offer exactly what you are looking for, the costs can remain low and the systems are really easy in use.

Our Modules


This module can be used to consolidate and centralize all your product information for use throughout your entire organization and to distribute your product data via multiple channels.


This module can be used by your agents and representatives to place pre-orders online. Besides orders you can manage budgets and show statistics.


The need for accurate, up-to-date and pertinent information is a fundamental requirement for any organisation. It's easy to generate reports and you can analyse, plan and review business performance based on current information in just minutes.

Customer Portal

The customer portal offers a total solution for the retail customer (agent and/or press). It offers your customers 24/7 customer service which leads to an improved customer experience while reducing your communication and operational costs.


With the CRM module it is easy to combine sales history, customer information and style information. By combining this valuable information it is f.e. possible to send news letters to your customers that bought loose fit dresses last three months.


It is easy and not expensive to connect Cloud4Fashion with your other systems. This is possible by using import and export flat files (XMLs) but also by using an API-based integration. We have connectors for Shopware, Unit4, Zalando, Tradebyte and more.

Our all-in-one solution
Why Cloud4Fashion?

All-in-one solution

We believe in an open architecture with best of breed systems because these systems are developed to fulfill specific requirements. We think it's important to stay flexible. Based on our experience - and on request of our customers - we developed some modules ourselves: a customer portal, a reporting module, a product information system (PIM), a customer relationship management system (CRM) and an order module. May be our modules are also the perfect solution for you.

Simple to use

We put ourselves in the customer's shoes. We put as much emphasis on a friendly interface as we do on technology. The GUI of our modules are simple and attractive and we focus on the most popular functions.

Easy integration

A company in fashion may have the need for a consumer webshop, a b2b webshop, a customer portal, a product information system, an iPad app for order entry. This is no surprise. And therefore, we deliver or integrate these. Cloud4Fashion delivers an open architecture that will help you extend your system in any direction your business requires.

Access from Anywhere

Cloud4Fashion is a browser based cloud solution. Enabling you anywhere in the world, at any time, on any device you select. An internet connection is all that it takes.

Responsive design

Our modules automatically reformats for all screen sizes so users can easily interact with the modules no matter what device they're using.


Affordable pricing is our USP. We develop solutions which are reliable, affordable and innovative. By focussing on the essential functionalities we reduce complexity but also keep costs very low.